How to start Video Downloader Ultimate (VDU)

Since VDU is no browser extension but a seperate window program, it need to be started when you want to download videos. By default it is started when any browser is started. You can change this behaviour in the settings. In this case or if you have an uncommon browser you need to start VDU manually by doubleclicking the blue arrow icon on your desktop. Then a smaller blue arrow icon appears which is attached to your browser or floatable on your screen ( ->settings). VDU runs now. When you click the smaller icon the VDU menu opens.

How to use the menu

Start VDU and click to the VDU icon to open the menu.

  • Downloaded videos opens a webpage showing all videos you already downloaded.
  • Bookmarks shows the list of videos you have marked to download later.
  • Search videos/MP3s will crawl the web for videos or audio files by a given search term.
  • Scan website will let you enter a URL to do a deep analysis of the content to find containing videos.
  • Capture screen starts a trial version of Video Capture Ultimate to capture videos from the screen instead of downloading.
  • Convert video opens a tools a dialog which allows you to merge videos or to convert the format of videos to MP3, MP4 or MPG.
  • Search videos on HTTPS sites, too allows you to find videos also on sites using the HTTPS protocoll.
  • activate / deactivate the automatically scan of all websites for videos.
  • show the first steps wizard again.
  • open the settings dialog.
  • pin / unpin the VDU icon to your active browser window.
  • open the encryption menu to save videos encrypted.
  • Red area: Found videos will be shown here.

How to download videos

1 Start Video Downloader Ultimate

2 Go to one of your favorite video sites. e.g.

Search for a video you want to download.

Navigate to that video or playlist and start playback.


Once Video Downloader Ultimate has recognized a video or playlist, a red star on the icon will blink a few times.

Click the Video Downloader Ultimate icon. If Video Downloader Ultimate found any video files so far, you will see a list of videos an all detected formats. Click one of the colored video format buttons to go to the download page (basic version) or to start the download after entering a destination filename (other versions).

How to download as mp3

There are only a few sites where you can download MP3 files directly like When playing an MP3 file VDU is detecting it and shows a yello download button. MP3 files are much smaller than video files so please make sure the setting "Find only videos files which are smaller than xxx KB" is not too big. 200KB should be a good value for MP3 files.

The other way is to download a music video e.g. from YouTube and convert it to MP3. Instead of select a format please click the yellow "convert to MP3" button. If possible only the audio stream is downloaded and then converted to MP3.

How to download playlists from YouTube

In your Browser play a YouTube video which is part of a playlist.

If Video Downloader Ultimate detecteds a playlist you will find this playlist entry in the menu.

Click one of the yellow buttons to download all videos of the playlists or click "Show playlist" to view the content and to download individual videos.

Click "scan" of the video you want to download. It will take some seconds and the available formats appear.

Click to one of the green or blue buttons to download the video.

Select "Downloaded videos" in the menu to see the progress and to access the downloaded videos. To organize your downloads, you can move them into tabs.

How to download live streams

Live streaming is a streaming media offer (video or audio) that is provided in real time. You can find them on YouTube, Twitch or TV stations like ZDF.

There is no ending time so you must specify the downloading duration. For some videos it is possible specify the time in the past when do you want to start downloading. The downloading itself needs realtime because the downloader has to wait for new content.

How to download videos in inactive mode

With the switch you can run VDU in inactive mode. In this mode no proxy is set but VDU cannot automatically find videos in your internet traffic. You have to copy the address of the video site you want to scan manually from your browser into the URL field.
In this mode not all videos can be found because most videos are loaded by a script and these videos cannot be found by jsut scanning the site.
So we recommend to use the active mode when you plan to download a video and the inactive mode else.

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